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21 सितम्बर 2019 को   UFBU का प्रस्तावित धरना रद्द 
25-26  सितम्बर की बैंक हड़ताल  में  NCBE सम्मिलित
हमारे द्वारा परिपत्र के माध्यम से यूनाइटेड फोरम ऑफ बैंक यूनियन्स (UFBU) के आव्हान पर शुक्रवार, दिनांक 20 सितम्बर 2019 को संसद भवन के समक्ष नई दिल्ली में एक दिवसीय "धरना आंदोलन" तथा यूनाइटेड फोरम ऑफ बैंक यूनियन्स (UFBU) की मीटिंग होने सम्बन्धी विवरण प्रेषित किया गया था।*

यूनाइटेड फोरम ऑफ बैंक यूनियन्स (UFBU) के संयोजक कॉमरेड संजीव बन्दलिश द्वारा भेजे गए सन्देश अनुसार दिनांक 20 सितम्बर 2019 को प्रस्तावित 'एक दिवसीय धरना' तथा UFBU की मीटिंग रद्द (Cancelled) कर दी गई है ।*

 हमारे साथियों द्वारा बैंक अधिकारियों के 4 संगठनों द्वारा दिनांक 26 एवं 27 सितम्बर 2019 की 2 दिवसीय बैंक हड़ताल के सम्बंध में पूछा जा रहा है ।*

उल्लेखनीय हैं कि उक्त हड़ताल में नेशनल कन्फेडरेशन ऑफ बैंक एम्प्लाइज (NCBE) सम्मिलित नहीं है अतः अवार्ड स्टाफ के कर्मचारी हड़ताल पर नहीं रहेंगें ।*

विस्तृत जानकारी परिपत्र के माध्यम से प्रेषित की जा रही है ।


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JAN, 13TH , 2020

Shri. Mahabir Singh Saroj    CHARAMA
Shri. Liladhar Devaram Ahirwar    SCAB SAUGOR
Shri. Rajiv Kumar Manzi    DAC, UJJAIN
Ms. Chitra Deepak Ranade    INDORE
Ms. Veera David    A.D.B CHHINDWARA
Shri. Pradeep Kumar Mahajan    ZONAL OFFICE BHOPAL (General Banking)
Ms. Arina S M Lal    SCAB BHILAI
Shri. Kapil Mohan Singh Thapa    UNIVERSITY CAMPUS INDORE
Shri. Mukul Soreng    KOTBA
Shri. Manish Kumar Kansotiya    DABRA
Shri. Ankur Shakywal    KOLARAS
Shri. Raghvendra Singh Tomar    SHIVPURI
Shri. Akshay Sharma    ZONAL OFFICE, INDORE (Housing Loan Sales Team)
Ms. Asha Baghel    RASECC GWALIOR
Shri. Ashutosh Pradeep Wahane    SAUSAR
Ms. Nupoor Varma    KABIR NAGAR RAIPUR

Shri. Arun Bhagoliwal

(General Secretary)

Dear Comrades.

The Trade Union Movement was created by people standing up together for fair wages, safe workplace, benefits, pension plan, and decent work hours. Many of the benefits and standards won for our members are enjoyed by all workers today, such as minimum wage, health and safety regulations, and overtime, etc. We as Union are a progressive and inclusive force for fairness, equality and justice in our workplaces and communities. Now as always, we are driven by our mission to make life better for our members and all SBI workers across the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

In this current scenario we find that in every organisation or association the individuals are depended on the electronic gadgets for acquiring knowledge and reference. In spite of providing all the current affairs of the bank by publishing various news letters, circulars and magazines, I found that the membership of our Union is expecting all the instructions and calls by way of different electronic platforms. 

So I started contacting the members through whatsapp, SMS, facebook and e-mails. This effort of the Union was lacking in providing the messages in details, so we thought to launch our Union's website. By doing so we are confident that now our membership will easily access in detail, to all the duties they have to perform in the bank and know the service conditions through which they are governed. Moving ahead hand in hand with the electronic age the Union had tried to provide in its website all the relevant material its membership will require. Adding to all the requesities a very special feature for raising the queries and their solutions by the union has been added to this website to keep the membership on tips and to resolve any of their difficulties or problems. We hope that our effort to provide this facility along with other beneficial details in this site will make the members of the union more knowledgeable and competent to deal with any situation in their job in the bank.

Our union listens to its members, provides outstanding union representation and negotiates strong contracts. Learn more about the many benefits our union offers on our website. Hear what members have to say and what difference SBIASEU Bhopal Circle is making in their lives.
As a SBIASEU member, you have a voice at work and the power to shape your future. Strong member participation is the key to strong negotiations. Connect with your union representative. Learn about your rights. Attend union meetings and events

One thing which I would like to convey to my membership is that though we are trying placing everything at their doorstep and making them easily accessible, but they should not forget that to fight for their legitimate demands and to get what they want for their comfortable and respectable livelihood they have to come on the road. They have to unitedly and with solidarity, struggle for their demands and continue to raise their voice and slogans at appropriate forums from time to time as per the requirement and call of the union. There should always be 100% participation of the members in all the trade union activities.

Whether you are a new or long-service member, I encourage you to visit our website regularly to find out about the latest union news and learn about upcoming events. I hope the members will maximize the use of this site for their references as well give their useful and meaningful suggestions for improvement and provide regular feedback to help us in updating the details in this website along with keeping you all apprised of the current scenario at the circle and all India level.

Truly yours

Shri. Rajat Mohan Verma

(Union President)

Dear friends,

Welcome to the online home of SBIASEU Bhopal Circle.

Check out our Contacts  section for information on connecting with your union representatives,

Download and Circulars section for refusing unsafe work,

Union Bipartite Settlement section for protecting your rights and much more. You can also sign up to receive our monthly news-blast like Samachar Saar, or follow our General Secretary on social media (Facebook, SMS and Whatsapp). 

Having a Union on your side makes your job and workplace safer and fairer. You get paid better and are more likely to have benefits that help you balance work with life at home. Your health and ability to do your job become important and your right for fair treatment gets enforced.

It is our mission that this website will provide you with information, services, and resources for all our members.We encourage you to visit our online sit regularly to find out about the latest Union news and upcoming events. As a member, you have the responsibility to stay connected, attend monthly meetings and events. Together, let us build a fairer workplace!

The More You Put in, the More You Get Back

Unions demonstrate the power of collective action. When workers join together, they gain the clout to get better wages and benefits, safe workplaces, world-class training and improved working conditions. On our own, we can’t make any of these gains.
No individual staffer can get much done without members who stand together in solidarity and who are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. And if you only have the time to attend the meetings of your Local Union, that’s making a vital contribution, too. And if not, by contrast, doing nothing weakens our union.

Think of it this way: Being a union member is a little like joining a health club. You can pay your health club fees, but if you don’t show up and work out, you’re not going to lose weight. Similarly, you can pay your union dues, but if you don’t bother to get active and involved, your union won’t be as strong as it could or should be. Unions don’t operate on autopilot. They have to be driven by members. SBIASEU Bhopal Circle is your union. The more you put in, the more you’ll get back!

Please take out some time to explore our website and if you have any comments about this website and some queries, please connect with us under the Queries section of the website. Finally, if you have any questions or concerns about work, please don't hesitate to reach out to our union representatives. We are ready and happy to help you.

With all good wishes.


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